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Tonsillectomy and Banana Pancakes

March 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

For those who do not know my little man had his tonsils removed last week. Before the surgery I got reports of mixed experiences. Many saying that their kids bounced right back, my mom who said it was a breeze (though neither my brother and I had ours removed and hers were removed when she was 5. I'm 36 so I'm thinking that her experience of pain may have been tucked away somewhere), and then others who broke down the surgery and recovery day by day with the key note being to stay on top of the pain.

The surgery lasted about 2 hours and then we were sent to recovery. "W" was doing great eating tons of blue slushies and drinking whatever was placed in front of him. We had to sleep over due to some breathing issues and due to lack of room in the hospital spent the night in the recovery area. I will spare you my feelings on this because it was miserable and I care to put it behind me rather than relive it! Upon being released the nurses instructed me to stay on top of the pain with Tylenol. They would not be sending us home with any real pain meds because there had been some recent blah blah blah bullshit!

I say recent blah blah blah bullshit because there is no way to stay on top of the pain with tylenol! 24 hours after being released he was in so much pain that he would not eat and would not drink a thing. I was on top of the pain, I had set an alarm on my phone and was giving him his meds every 4 hours around the clock. Thanks to the blah blah bah bullshit we were back in the ER to treat pain and dehydration. Thanks to the authors of the  recent blah blah blah bullshit for another 2 night stay at the hospital; where can I send my bill when it arrives?!?!?!? At least this time we were given a room and the nurses were swooning over him. I'm biased but he is pretty cute!


It's been 3 days since we were released for the second time and I am still giving him pain meds every 4 hours. He is still miserable but is drinking and taking his meds in fear of having to go back to the hospital!

Besides watered down juice and pedialyte the only other thing that I can get him to ingest is chocolate pudding. This morning I thought I would try one of the pinterest recipes that I had pinned the other day to see if I could get some food in the kid as he is wasting away. Banana Pancakes made with ONLY bananas and eggs. They were delicious and "W" ate a whole plate which is more than he has eaten in a whole week! So easy and so yummy! Just mash some bananas and add some eggs. 2 eggs per banana seemed to do the trick. I highly recommend these to anyone! They are great for so many reasons! First of all getting kids to eat eggs and bananas without them knowing it, a great use for soft bananas, no need for syrup because the banana makes them sweet!!!! Easy, healthy & delicious!!!!!!

Through all of my bitching and mini pity parties I did realize that I am so fortunate to have such great and healthy children and that I have health insurance. There are so many people that struggle with sick or special needs children and go through what I went through + so much more on a daily basis. A week of sleepless nights is nothing compared to what some of women and families go through all of the time. I'm thankful for my community who reached out and sent love to "W" and helped out with "E". I can't say thank you enough to the people who took "E" for play dates, picked her up from school, delivered home cooked meals for us, brought over/sent gifts, played words with friends with me round the clock to keep me entertained while in the hospital, bought my husband his birthday cake, and most importantly kept us in their thoughts. We are so lucky to have such great people in our lives!

I'm holding a contest on my Facebook page for a free session for a family who is challenged with a sick or special needs child. If you know a Supermom or Super Family that you would like to enter in the contest please message me privately with their information. I will be selecting the family at random at the end of the week!

Two things to take away from this post  are #1 Don't leave the hospital w/out the proper pain medication no matter what blah blah bullshit you are told and #2 a delicious healthy alternative to pancakes.

Thanks for reading, I'll post again as soon as I have something to share!



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