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I was planning on blogging about and sharing some recent photos of my kids today as well as some favorite shots from recent shoots, but my heart is heavy. I am grieving for the families of Boston and for our country as a whole. So much innocence was lost yesterday (AGAIN) and it just seems unfair. Whether or not you were at the Marathon or live in Boston you will have a connection to this tragedy. Mine is as a human being and a mother.

Why did this happen?

How could someone cause so much pain and devastation? 

How do we move forward without looking over our shoulders every waking minute?

As if the the everyday struggles of being a parent weren't hard enough... trying to convince my children that there is no such thing as monsters and that there is no reason to be afraid, is even harder when I am afraid of them myself.

I do not remember things like this happening when I was younger. When did our world become so evil? I feel like each act of terror is one upping  the one before. Our media outlets are awful and are whores to the tragedies of man. Enough is enough with the evil and enough with the overkill and nonsense of media. Instead of sitting in front of a desk speculating and repeating gruesome details I wish that they would actually do investigative reporting and actually help find the monsters who commit these horrific acts. George Stefanopolos (sp?) repeating to his expert "So you're saying that anyone could make a bomb like this at home?" THIS IS NOT helping nor wise to say on LIVE television over and over again. You should be fined for the stupid words that come out of your mouth!!!! Why can't you just report the news and say that you will be back once you have something of necessity to share!!!

What scares me most right now is the fact that the monster/monsters responsible for this act are in hiding. Maybe they are planning something else while tucked away or walking around in broad daylight. I'm scared of what happens next, I have so many questions spinning around in my mind.

How do I keep my family safe?

How can I stop thinking about this awfulness? 

How do I fight the urge to hunker down at home and not enjoy the the world outside? 

How can I help those who who were immediately impacted by this tragedy?

What do we tell our children? Do we tell the truth, that we live in an evil world and that monsters do exist?

I am not okay with that. I do not want to live in fear. I do not want my children to live in fear. I want all of us to want to explore and see the world. I want all of us to be able to run races, go shopping, see a movie, go to festivals, and go to school or work.

I feel helpless and all that I can do is love my friends and family.  I can support honest and genuine news sources like the good old fashioned written word or public radio. I can donate to funds that support the medical bills of strangers, because it could have been me or someone that I love who is suffering. I can teach my children right and wrong and to be kind, to give to those in need.

I have to stop thinking about the cowardly monster hiding away and be thankful for people like Carlos Arredondo  who selflessly helped strangers and saved their lives.

I can be human. I can be kind.







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